General characteristics of Gumat-Complex fertilizer


General characteristics of  Gumat-Complex  fertilizer.

GUMAT-COMPLEX is a special group of universal plant growth regulators and stress adaptogens, being unparalleled in this regard. It stimulates the production of natural growth regulators (phytohormones) by the plant itself and activates its functional activity maintaining it on the optimal high level. Gumat-Complex stimulates growth and division of cells, causes anti-stress effect in plants – increasing the resistance of plants to climatic, technogenous and other kinds of stresses, increases the vitamins content in plants and causes other stimulating effects.


  • Helps plants to overcome different stresses (from replanting, freezing, drought, water saturation, poisoning by chemicals);

  • Decreases the content of nitrates, heavy metals, radionuclides in plants;

  • Accelerates the compost production;

  • Revitalizes the soil increasing its fertility.


  • Provides for maximal germinating ability of seeds, high root taking of sprouts and grafts;

  • Accelerates growth and development of plants, ripening of fruit by 10-12;

  • Increases the harvest yield by 20-50% and more;

  • Improves the quality of vegetables, roots, fruits and berries – enlarges their size, increases the content of vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other healthy compounds


  • Potassium gumate

  • Fulvic acids

  • Peat mineral components

  • Nitrogen and microelements (manure extract)

  • Mineral additives (directed use for certain crops)


Completely covers the plant needs for fertilizers

Aids in increase of fertile layer of soil.

It is possible to CONSTRUCT different fertilizers on the basis of GUMAT COMPLEX for specific types of plants!

GUMAT COMPLEX is used for all the type of garden crops, increasing their yield, improving the quality of product, protection from diseases of garden fruits, berries, roots, planting stocks of trees and bushes, decorative cultures, flowers, lawns and everything that grows in your garden, greenhouse, balcony and window; to accelerate the compost preparation, clean the soil of different pollutants (heavy metals, oil products, radionuclides etc.).

GUMAT COMPLEX is used for cleaning of soils from technogenous pollution. This is related to the properties of gumate substances (gumates):

The gumine substances form non-soluble and low-mobility complexes with heavy metals, thus removing them from circulation and preventing them from contaminating plants, ground waters and atmosphere;

As the result of gumates activating microflora the soil is additionally enriched with gumine acids and its resistance to technogenous pollution is thus increased;

Gumates activate the mechanism for detoxication of different organic pollutants (oil products, chemical poisons etc.) by soil microorganisms

Application of GUMAT COMPLEX allows up to 50% decrease of contamination of cash crop with radioactive cesium.

Application norms for GUMAT COMPLEX are established depending on the pollutants content in this type of soil.

GUMAT COMPLEX is used for soil remediation under former household wastes landfills and sandlots, constructions sites, in the place of soil pollution with industrial and vehicle exhausts etc.

Effective is the use of GUMAT COMPLEX on low-fertility sand and coal soils with low gumus content, salty, acidic soils.

GUMAT COMPLEX is applied as the working solution for treatment of planting material, root and foliage application, spillage on soil and on compost.

It requires minimal expenses and may be used during whole growth and development of plants: starting from pre-treatment of seeds and grafts and ending with pre-winter treatment of perennial decorative plants, fruit trees and bushes.

The concentrated gumate proposed by us has homogeneous structure, easily forms sediment, easily water soluble, does not obstruct the hydroponics channels and is fully digested by plant cells due to the nano-size of nutrients that easily permeate the membrane. As the result the plant gets more proteins, micro- and macro- elements, vitamins. It is three times more concentrated that existing similar and several times more effective due to the nano-size of nutrients.

Said gumate differs from analogues – it excludes the presence of hormones, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides and other substances that are harmful for plants and human health.

GUMAT COMPLEX aids in vermiculation of soils. In its turn, worms allow to restore the natural formation of gumus, which in combination with the abovementioned factors allow us without extra expenses increase the yield by 40-50% and the quality of organic product itself – to the highest categories. It accelerates the crops ripening by 2-3 weeks (for vegetables).

The cost of gumat complex proposed by us – 300 rubles/liter with VAT. Average expenditure on example of use in the summer grain crops:

The first foliage application is performed in the start of tillering phase. Working solution of Gumat Complex is prepared as 0.5 l of fertilizer per 125 l of water. The expenditure norm is 0.5 l per 1 ha.

The second foliage application is performed in the stem-extension stage. Working solution of Gumat Complex is prepared as 0.6 l of fertilizer per 150 l of water. The expenditure norm is 0.6 l per 1 ha.

The third foliage application is performed at the start of earing phase. Working solution of Gumat Complex is prepared as 0.6 l of fertilizer per 150 l of water. The expenditure norm is 0.6 l per 1 ha.

Thus the expenditures are: 1.7 l per ha per whole season x 300 = 510 rubles per 1 ha.

Use of Gumat Complex technology allows to decrease the use of mineral fertilizers and PPP by 30-70% without losses in yield and quality of products, also it allows for total exclusion of mineral fertilizers and PPP except for herbicides.