About @Perfect Water Resources” group " Современные Водные Ресурсы" ("СВР")

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“Perfect Water Resources” group of companies was formed in 2010 by the union of leading chemists, physicists and biologists of Russia represented by SWR LLC, microbiologists of Biogas Scientific Technical Center, Genesis CJSC, NATEC project organization and Stroyremont 2000 construction company for purpose of development and realization of newest scientific and technical projects

Our technologies:

  • Universal unique method of cleaning of all pollution types from water and sewage, both household and industrial, to the norms and standards established by the Russian legislation
  • Gumat-Complex– unique biological stimulator for high-yield grow of ecologically clean agricultural products and all types of plants.
  • Modern method of production of electric and heat energy (biogas units) from any type of industrial and household wastes (distillery stillage, press cake, feces, poultry feces, sawdust, fats, sludge etc.)
  • Production of unique high-quality organic fertilizers that are able not only to increase yield from 50 to 250% but also restore the fertility of depleted soils in shortest period possible

And also:

Highly effective and absolute safe technologies for sterilizing and long-term storage of all types of products.

Technology under development: 

  • Enrichment of secondary waste (enrichment plants)
  • Complex solution for cleaning of lakes, rivers, ponds from pollution
  • Conversion of saline oceanic and sea water
  • Creation in laboratory fertile soil for depleted soil regions


Cleaning of water and sewage

The technology is radically different from other currently existing technologies in that it is:

  • Does not require operation costs (does not require reagents)o:p>
  • Purifies water from surfactants, hormones, pesticides, bacteria and viruses, radioactive substances and all other types of organic and inorganic substances.
  • Maximum energy saving – energy expenditure per 1 m3 of purified water is 0.075 kW
  • Purification time is several minutes (the present biological purification takes dozens of hours) and the purification quality is so high that it allows to clean the sewage from what considered impossible to clean previously.


Industry, agriculture, housing and public utilities, cottages, apartments.


Integral element in the modern method of growing agricultural products.
The complex is unique in that it is contains three times more nutritional substances per unit of mass than all existing similar gumats and biostimulants.

Products grown using Gumat-Complex contain much more vitamins, minerals, ripe much quicker, keep the useful qualities for long term and match the quality of ecologically pure products.

Biogas Units

Electric and heat energy on our biogas units is produced by processing of agricultural wasters and is 3-4 times cheaper than its purchase from municipal grid.

The process of energy production also produces pure water that may be used for any purpose.

Organic Fertilizers

Presently the specialists of our company together with the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Russian Federation developed and tested pilot units for production of liquid and granulated organic fertilizers from the wastes of cattle production (swine feces, bovine feces, poultry feces), plant production and processing product (press cake, straw, husks, stillage).
The resulting fertilizers have high concentrations of organic and mineral substances and are totally harmless for soil microflora and plants.
Production method of our fertilizers compared to the traditional production of compost fertilizers is different first of all in that with minimal energy costs (0.075 kW per 1 ton of fertilizer) we achieved the production of easily processed organics in shortest time possible (5-6 tons per 30 minutes).

The unit allows you to sterilize agricultural wastes right on breeding farms, and on condition of adding of GUMAT-COMPLEX in it produces the unique highly effective organic fertilizer for different types of farm businesses.

E-mail: info@aqua-ozon.ru

WWW: www.aqua-ozon.ru